Phyllis Lim

“Love is an essential ingredient in any form of cooking and baking apart from sourcing the best possible produce available. Food bonds people irregardless of the mother tongue we speak because we all share an international love language, smile”

At a tender age of 13, Phyllis worked at fast food restaurants, going door to door to sell ice cream and at 15, she met a camp instructor who introduced her to his western coffeeshop stall. She worked there for a year before deciding to pursue her dream to be a chef. Taking pastry classes at SHATEC before dropping out, Phyllis started her official food journey at the age of 18 at The Ritz-Carlton Millenia Singapore as a pastry intern before moving to several different restaurant concepts such as the now defunct Salt Grill, Cheek Bistro, Odette and Whitegrass.

Absorbing all the work experiences over the past 9 years has taught her to problem solve and also enhance her creativity. A chef once told her years ago, ‘a good chef is not just about cooking and baking but how well can you salvage a mistake and solve the issue’. Phyllis is extremely versatile and has accumulated comprehensive experience in both modern contemporary and classic cooking and baking. She is specialised in modern plated desserts with a touch of hot side techniques, entremets, fine course dining and miniature desserts.

Phyllis joins us as our Pastry and Bread Chef Instructor. She looks forward to sharing her knowledge with the wider community.