Q: How many people can the kitchen accommodate?

A: At TTDI, we have 2 culinary kitchens which can accommodate up to 30 and 60 participants. Our bakery kitchen can accommodate up to 20 participants. Our indoor dining area seats 80 participants. For standing room cocktail functions, we can accommodate up to 200 people in the dining room. All our spaces are fully air conditioned.

Q: Is the kitchen HALAL certified?

A: The kitchen is not HALAL certified although we are a strictly no pork and no lard kitchen.

Q: We have specific team building requirements for our team. Do you tailor make programs?

A: Yes we certainly tailor programs to each company’s needs. Please contact us for your requirements.

Q: Where are the classes held? Can you conduct team building events at our company location?

A: We are located at Unit 01-20, Glo Damansara, 699 Jalan Damansara, Taman Tun Dr Ismail, 60000 Kuala Lumpur. We can conduct certain team building events offsite. Please contact us for your requirements.

Q: The programs are all too expensive for us. Do you conduct cheaper classes?

A: Please contact us for your requirements. We will speak to the chef to tailor make a program in accordance with your budget requirements.

Q: I have specific dietary requirements eg: vegetarian, nut allergies. Can the chef cater for it?

A: Depending on the menu, the chef can make changes for you. Please contact us so that we can discuss with the chef.

Q: What types of drinks are available at Palate Sensations?

A: We serve free flow of ice water for all events. You can purchase soft drinks, tea and coffee at the studio. We do not charge a fee should you wish to bring your own drinks.

Q: Will there be enough food to eat and do you cater if we need more food? Can we bring an outside caterer for the event?

A: Except where it specifically says otherwise, all corporate team building events should provide enough food for all participants. Please let us know if you would like to have more food before, during or after your event so that we can work out a menu for you. Please contact us to discuss your requirements and if you would like to bring in an outside caterer.

Q: Can you provide a bus to pick us up and drop us off?

A: This can certainly be arranged for you. Please contact us for your transportation requirements.

Q: Do you have meeting rooms if we need to hold a meeting before or after the event?

A: Our dining room which can seat up to 80 people has a wall, a projector and a sound system. We can reconfigure the room as per your requirements. Please contact us for your meeting room requirements. 


Location and Parking

Q: Where are you located?

A: We are located at Unit 01-20, Glo Damansara, 699 Jalan Damansara, Taman Tun Dr Ismail, 60000 Kuala Lumpur. 

Q: What is the closest bus and train stations?

A: Bus 780, PJ01, PJ06, T813 or MRT and LRT 9 (Bandar Utama or Taman Paramount are roughly 30 minutes walking distance).

Q: Do you have parking and how much does it cost?

A: Paid parking is located within Glo Damansara. The operating hours are from 7am to 11pm daily. The charges are: up to 2 hours is RM 1, between 2 to 4 hours is a further RM2 per hour and thereafter is Rm3 per hour. The maximum charge is RM15 during weekdays and RM5 on weekends and public holidays.


Kid’s Parties

Q: How many participants can you take and what is the minimum age of the child?

A: We require a minimum of 6 participants and we accept children from 7 years of age.

Q: How is the class conducted?

A: The children are split into small teams of between 2 to 4 participants and the chef will lead the class by teaching the children how to cook before they proceed to make the menu.

Q: Can we bring some snacks, birthday cake and drinks for the children and for the adults?

A: We provide free flow of Ribena and ice water during the class. If you would like to bring extra food, a birthday cake and other drinks, please feel free to do so. We can also organize/cater for this for you at an additional cost. Please contact us for your requirements.

Q: Can parents participate with the children?

A: We welcome parents to participate with their child if they are below the age of 7 and/or if the child is not confident around the kitchen. We welcome parents to assist with the class too.

Q: Do the parents have to stay during the party?

A: The class usually lasts 2 hours so you can leave your child and come back to pick them up at the conclusion of the class.

Q: How long is the class?

A: The cooking class normally lasts 2 hours with 1.5 hours spent cooking (depends on their speed) and the remaining time spent eating at our dining area.

Q: Can I customize my own menu?

A: Yes. Please contact us to discuss your requirements.

Q: Can I decorate the place for my child’s party?

A; Yes. Please inform us if you wish to come earlier to decorate the dining area so that we can be here to assist you.

Q: Do you cater for dietary requirements as some children are gluten free or have nut allergies?

A: Yes. Please check with the parents to see if there are any dietary requirements so that the chef can cater for them or design an appropriate menu for them.


Kitchen Rental

Q: How long can the kitchen be rented for?

A: Our kitchen is available for rent in 3 hour blocks. You can rent the whole kitchen or part of the kitchen depending on how much space and number of people you have.

Q: What equipment do we have access to?

A: We have one culinary kitchen that can accommodate up to 40 participants, another culinary kitchen that can accommodate up to 80 participants and a bakery kitchen that can accommodate up to 20 participants. All three kitchens are fully equipt with commercial equipment and comes with a portable sound music system and a mic for speaking.  The bakery kitchen includes stainless tables, deck ovens and convection ovens, standing mixers and a sheeter for laminating dough. The culinary kitchens include both Asian wok gas stoves and Western gas stoves and ovens. The larger culinary kitchen contains additional items such as microwaves, a vacumn pack machine and a blast freezer. There are various cooking utensils & small equipment, plates and cutlery. Do contact us if you need specific equipment.