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Looking for fun team building activities? You’ve come to the right place.

Corporate team bonding in Malaysia is an experience that should be fun and memorable for everyone! With our unique “Let your hair down and have some fun” team bonding programme, we strive to create a positive atmosphere with activities tailored to your company’s needs -all while having some creative yet delicious food-related fun. Through interactive and engaging ice breaker games, you and your colleagues will have the opportunity to let loose, break the ice, and ignite a sense of togetherness. Whether it’s simulating a restaurant, cooking a scrumptious three course meal or baking sweet treats, you’ll form stronger connections and deeper understanding of each other by bringing out the best in all participants. So let loose and dive into your corporate team bonding adventure with us today!



This unique activity encourages teams to assume a variety of roles, just like in a real restaurant kitchen, from cooks to waiters and customers. Each member of the group is given a different task in order to ensure that the four-course meal they present is as delicious as possible! Not only does this activity provide plenty of opportunities for laughter, it also strengthens team work by getting everyone involved and showing everyone’s importance. It’s fun, exciting, and friendly – and a great way to bond with your colleagues!



Our Eat programme was created especially to build teams! Here, your team can cook together and learn some valuable skills that will help make them work like a well-oiled machine. Teams will be asked to cook a delectable three-course meal, followed by picking one learning objective from amongst three options: planning and cooperation, teamwork and creativity or teamwork, leadership and cooperation. After that comes the fun part – each learning objective has an exciting surprise challenge task that teams have to complete within 10 to 20 minutes! So come on down for loads of laughs and great memories!



Unleash your inner baker and let the sweet aroma of success boost up your corporate team bonding. Bake sweet treats’ as your team bonding activity to enhance teamwork while having a fun time in the kitchen! It doesn’t matter if none of you have been to culinary school, since this competition puts participants’ baking skills to the test with a surprise challenge that goes along with their chosen learning objective. So ditch the stuffy boardroom for an exciting kitchen showdown, and create some delicious treats fit for the Gods! Your team will come out well-bonded and exceedingly full!

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    We could finally get the team together for our team building cooking class. Great catch up and so much fun with a fabulous team of professional chefs. Kudos for their operations team for putting everything together from start to finish. It was very smooth. Well done!

    Andrea Monni

    I went to Palate Sensations for a team building cooking class with my colleagues. Gorgeous huge studio, fun chefs and great equipment. Everything was super clean. The best part was no washing up! We cooked and then ate all our food in their outdoor dining. The location was also good because I could take an MRT home afterwards.

    Pippa S

    Incredible afternoon spent letting our hair down alright! Did many baking team building classes all over the world but first time attending a cooking team building Singapore class. Nice and huge studio, well laid out, air conditioned (always a plus) and great team competitions. We had to pick from a market stall set up in the studio and then cooked a few different dishes for the chef to judge. My team made fish tacos and sushi rolls. The best part was we got to eat what we made which tasted better than I thought! Thank you Palate Sensations!

    Junhao Yau

    Had a blast at Palate Sensations with my colleagues. Who knew a cooking team bonding session in Singapore would be so engaging. We chopped, sliced, boiled, stir fried, drank wine and competed with the other teams on how nicely we plated the food. It was all so delicious and the staff, the way they handled the COVID measures, the atmosphere, the location, all amazing! Thank you Palate Sensations for being so professional and making our corporate cooking team building in Singapore so memorable!

    Olivia Kwee

    My staff surprised me with a team bonding baking class. The 5 of us got together and Chef Cynthia was very friendly and assured us we could do it. None of us had baked before. We ended up making and decorating our own 6 inch red velvet cake. My family was so happy with my effort. I cant believe we all did it. It tasted great too. Thanks Chef Cynthia!

    Melanie Ng

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